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Obtaining accreditation: the process from A to Z

What are the steps to obtaining accreditation? Although there may be certain subtle differences from one application request to the next, the general process remains the same for all candidate bodies.

Discover the key steps of the accreditation process:

1. You send your accreditation application file to Cofrac



2. We examine the administrative admissibility of your application
3. We draw up an accreditation agreement that defines our respective obligations
4. We examine the operational admissibility of your application
5. We define the assessment programme and agree together on a period for conducting the assessment on site by the selected team of assessors


6. The assessment report, written by the assessors, is reviewed by one of Cofrac's internal decision-making bodies


7. Our decision-making body issues a favourable opinion ?

Well done! You've got accreditation! You will then be notified of this decision by the Cofrac Director or their representative through the issuing of a certificate that will specify the field and period of your accreditation (four years for an initial application and five years for a renewal).

In the event of an unfavourable opinion: accreditation is refused and the file is closed. Cofrac may also issue a "conditional unfavourable opinion". In this case, accreditation is refused pending review of additional documents or a supplementary assessment.


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