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Assessing competences in order to deliver accreditation: this is our core business. We also propose development services and are involved in work on Good Experimental Practices (GEP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Cofrac replies to requests for accreditation from inspection bodies: it analyses the application, conducts an assessment run by qualified assessors, produces a report, then delivers accreditation if the decision is favourable. We also propose services to develop new accreditation schemes when imposed by the regulations, or when our customers seek official recognition of their competence in a new field which was not previously covered by accreditation.

Cofrac is also responsible for reviewing requests for assessment of conformity with the principles of "Good Experimental Practices" (GEP) and "Good Laboratory Practices" (GLP) on behalf of various ministries. For this, we organise assessment visits and guarantee the qualification and follow-up of the technical experts and lead assessors conducting them.


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