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Prevention of risks and nuisances

Industrial facilities and equipment present technological risks and can be the source of nuisances for the environment or neighbouring populations. Conducted by the public authorities or the private sector, inspections are essential to minimise these risks.

Use of accreditation enables decision-makers to maintain confidence in the inspections carried out and to make the necessary decisions in the event of non-compliance with the regulations, for example.

  • Certification of products and services

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17065

    The public authorities call upon accredited product and service certification bodies for preventing industrial risks and nuisances.

    These certifications provide a guarantee that a product, service or process complies with precise criteria. The fact that they are covered by accreditation reinforces the market's confidence in its conformity.

    On account of the risks incurred, certain products must comply with "new approach"-type European directives and be assessed by notified certification bodies. As is the case in most Member States of the European Union, these bodies are notified in France on the basis of an accreditation.

    Use of accreditation thus contributes to better protecting the environment and the population.

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  • Tests

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17025

    Industrial activities can have significant consequences for the environment and the population.

    They are subject to inspection to ensure that they do not exceed the thresholds set by the regulations, whether involving discharges into the environment, or exposure of the population or of workers to noise, vibrations or substances that may present a risk for their health.

    Use of accredited tests establishes confidence in the results obtained, since the competence and impartiality of the laboratories conducting the inspections are demonstrated.

    On the basis of these results, manufacturers and public authorities can therefore check the effective compliance with the regulated thresholds and confidently take the necessary measures as required.

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  • Inspection

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17020

    Many facilities present major risks for the environment and the population if they are not correctly constructed, installed or maintained. The same applies for installations or structures that can deteriorate over time.

    Carrying out regular inspections, or inspections on commissioning, enables these risks to be reduced. The fact that the inspection bodies carrying out inspections are accredited reinforces confidence in the services carried out, since the impartiality and competence of the bodies have been verified.

    Use of accredited inspections also provides assurance of effective compliance with the regulations or commitments made by manufacturers to protect the environment.

    Accredited inspections contribute actively in this way to the prevention of industrial risks and nuisances.

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