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Statement of Cofrac’s General Director

« As General Director of Cofrac, the national accreditation body designated by Article 137 of law no. 2008-776 and its implementing decree, I undertake to deploy and implement the tools and policies ensuring that Cofrac attests to the competence of the bodies it accredits, in a voluntary or regulatory context, in accordance with all the provisions and best practices in force.

These policies result in particular from the provisions resulting from EC regulation no. 765/2008 and the NF EN ISO/IEC 17011 standard defining the requirements for accreditation. They also result from the documents applicable under the recognition of Cofrac in the framework of multilateral European and international agreements.

I attach special importance to the implementation of harmonized measures aimed at preserving the impartiality, ensuring the competence and consistency of Cofrac’s operation and its management system.

I undertake to regularly review the procedures implemented to ensure that are fully and constantly in line with the standards in force. 


Dominique GOMBERT, December 2019 
General Director of Cofrac

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