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Our roadmap

Cofrac is pursuing seven strategic lines of development defined for the period 2019-2023. 

Line 1 : Achieve the digital transformation of Cofrac

  • Digitise business processes and management of Cofrac to gain efficiencies 
  • Make the digitised data from the accreditation process an easily recoverable resource
  • Build a new information system of Cofrac by relying on an open, robust, secure, scalable architecture based on the best technologies proven on the web

Line 2 : Strengthen customer culture

  • Maintain regular exchanges with our customers to ensure that accreditation is always better meets their needs 
  • Do periodically and draw the conclusions from surveys of accreditation beneficiaries or their customers, and if questioning breaks possible to achieve in the process to go further 
  • Simplify, streamline and dematerialize exchanges with customers through a digital space custom also giving them access to a regular information on the progress of the processing of their applications
  • Strengthen the deployment of approaches more individualized of accreditation, taking into account the specificities of the assessed organizations, based on risks sor returns experience, fully mobilizing the entire assessment techniques

Line 3 : Give more value to the accreditation and develop new services

  • Make available to our customers customizable communication media allowing them to enhance their accreditation 
  • Offer new services to customers and contractors by valuing the digitised data from the assessments (sector balance sheets, typology of differences, electronic archiving...)
  • Implement as appropriate commercial training or e-learning benefits to accreditation standards to consolidate the device against the identified risks, 
  • Develop a service allowing organizations wishing it to be compared to the accreditation requirements for prior to initial assessment, particularly in the case of regulatory accreditation

Line 4 : Identify and reduce the risks to which Cofrac may be exposed

  • Identify and anticipate the needs assessors on the subjects in tension,mobilize new levers of recruitment and the visibility and value of assessor activity  
  • Best ensure transparency, impartiality of the device accreditation and its traceability including strengthening analysis risks of conflict of interest for assessors and instance members 
  • Strengthen the protection of Cofrac against legal, contractual and insurance risks associated with its activity, with the support of specialized external resources
  • Initiate in relation to relevant stakeholders a mapping work of emerging threats about the credibility of the national accreditation system 
  • Ensure the good image of Cofrac and accreditation issues and prepare for the crisis management

Line 5 : Consolidate its recognition and making international a resource for Cofrac

  • Maintain the influence of Cofrac in instances of EA and international work on accreditation standards, a presence upstream on the strategic issues and ensuring the homogeneity of accreditation practices
  • Make assessment EA 2020 depending on the new version of ISO / IEC 17011, a success, and extend the international recognition of Cofrac's accreditation to reference materials producers, 
  • Maintain bilateral trade regular with some of our counterparts on the strategic topics shared and operational, and put in place a systematic approach to capitalizing on good practices, to progress and make international a resource for Cofrac

Line 6 : Promote and develop accreditation and continue to be a tool of confidence for the Government and contractors

  • Continue and extend the regular meetings with the principals public or private, professional bodies, associations of consumers, patients and environmental protection, for better awareness of accreditation, enhance the accredited organizations, and to identify new needs or shared communication campaigns
  • Promote accreditation as a tool for the Government to change some of their missions
  • Value customers and accreditation by offering communication actions agreed at specific events 
  • Remain active in the development of new accreditation programs and exchanges of experience with our counterparts to identify potential developments

Line 7 : Maintain the values of Cofrac and improve its efficiency

  • Protect the values of independence, progress and work in the community both within and outside Cofrac. 
  • Continue to provide staff to modern and rewarding working conditions thanks to digitization
  • Enhance the attractiveness of Cofrac as an employer, including by maintaining a strong dynamic of internal training, a low level of job insecurity and rewarding middle management positions 
  • Implement a support plan to new skills needs for staff, particularly in terms of risk and the project of digital transformation approach
  • Deploy a responsible purchasing policy.
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