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Norms & standards

Having a solid guarantee

Assessments of accreditation candidates are conducted on the basis of the European or international standards in force: standards in the series ISO/IEC 17000, NF X 50-091, ISO 14065. You therefore get a solid guarantee, subject to regular inspection by auditors and experts with recognised qualifications.

Standards and guides used by accreditation bodies for issuing accreditations to:

Test, analysis or calibration laboratories
ISO/IEC 17025
Biomedical, anatomy and cytopathology laboratories
ISO 15189
Inspection bodies and bodies carrying out the verification of regulated measuring instruments
ISO/IEC 17020
Producers of reference materials
ISO Guide 34
Management systems certification bodies
ISO/IEC 17021-1
Personnel certification bodies
ISO/IEC 17024
Product, service and process certification bodies
ISO/IEC 17065
Bodies qualifying companies
NF X 50-091
Bodies that verify environmental declarations
ISO/IEC 17021-1
Bodies that verify GHG emission declarations
ISO 14065
Proficiency testing providers
ISO/IEC 17043
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