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What are the steps for developing a new accreditation scheme ?

To meet the requests from our customers both appropriately and efficiently, whether in a regulatory or a voluntary framework, several steps are necessary prior to introducing a new accreditation scheme.

After receiving and assigning the request to develop accreditation for a new activity, Cofrac:

  • Conducts a preliminary analysis, aimed at verifying that the activity can be accredited. This initial analysis confirms the compatibility of the request with the accreditation standard concerned.
  • Conducts a detailed analysis of the request, to evaluate the needs in terms of resources and the necessary time frames for introducing the new scheme.
  • Adapts the accreditation tools and establishes a development plan: definition of the accreditation scope, drafting of a summary document specifying the applicable requirements and the terms of accreditation.
  • Recruits and trains assessors for the requested activity.
  • Introduces accreditation for the conformity assessment bodies.

Throughout these stages, Cofrac is in discussion with the applicant and involves the applicant in the definition and the validation of the accreditation scheme, in order to better understand and satisfy the applicant's needs.

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Who can request the development of an accreditation scheme from Cofrac ?

Conformity assessment bodies and public or private specifiers.

Who do I contact for a development request ?

The director of the division in charge of the conformity assessment activity concerned, or the special contact for the division.

To find out more about development requests :

See the complete procedure in GEN PROC 22 :

"Developing accreditation for new conformity assessment operations".

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