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Our roadmap

Cofrac is pursuing seven strategic lines of development defined for the period 2014-2018. These result from previous projects and consultations with the members of the Board of Administrators and permanent staff.

Line 1 : Pursuing continuous improvement to be more efficient and render better service to the beneficiaries of accreditation

By remaining attentive to the expectations and satisfaction of the various interested parties; drawing on the active mobilisation of the employees and external contributors and on feedback concerning the best practices of our foreign counterparts; pursuing the continuous improvement of our processes and our tools to be even more efficient and reactive, to shorten the examination and decision-making periods and better adhere to the assessment deadlines, so as to render a high-performance and recognised accreditation service, proportionate to the issues at stake, in compliance with the applicable norms and standards.

Line 2 : Predicting and being able to manage the growth of accreditation activities

Predicting and being able to manage the growth linked mainly to the regulatory sector by maintaining close and regular relations with the authorities and their representatives within the Cofrac bodies, so as to anticipate and efficiently monitor new requests, guide applications for accreditation efficiently for all parties concerned, and anticipate the resources, skills and tools required for developing new fields of accreditation.

Line 3 : Knowing and better managing the risks to which Cofrac may find itself exposed

Assessing the risks and risk factors to which Cofrac may find itself exposed due to its missions, in particular in public services or in fields considered sensitive for the "general public", or arising from its development or its environment, ranking them according to their impact, then making a concerted effort to define and implement ways of reducing them so they do not affect the credibility of accreditation.

Line 4 : Anticipating and satisfying our requirements for technical assessors

Developing and implementing, if necessary with the close support of accredited bodies and specifiers, a proactive policy of finding, training, qualification and mobilisation of the technical assessors required for conducting the Cofrac missions, in particular in all fields where there are or are likely to be "tensions", while ensuring their level of competence and their impartiality/independence.

Line 5 : Maintaining international recognition of accreditation to a high standard of uniformity and rigour

Maintaining the high levels of confidence in the quality of the services carried out under Cofrac accreditation by way of international recognition arrangements; continuing to participate actively and in a targeted way in the work of EA, ILAC and IAF on defining common rules for harmonising practices and assessment by "peers", so as to guarantee mutual recognition according to high ethical and accreditation policy standards, as consistently as possible between all accreditation bodies, and taking all measures to ensure that subsequent assessments of Cofrac by its peers are entirely satisfactory.

Line 6 : Promoting accreditation and its contribution to the economy

For all the fields covered, in close liaison with the authorities, our members and the accredited bodies, significantly increasing the communication and promotion actions aimed at professionals and end beneficiaries in terms of accreditation's contribution to the French economy and international trade, in particular by ensuring better visibility of the scopes of accreditation for the customers of the accredited bodies, by disseminating feedback on the use of accreditation in regulatory and voluntary areas, including abroad, by improving the online communication tools and, if required, drawing on the results of studies relating to the assessment of accredited conformity (tests, calibration, inspection, medical examinations, certifications) and to accreditation.

Line 7 : Sharing and sustaining our common values and making them an asset for the future

Sharing and sustaining the common values of Cofrac in terms of professional and ethical values, values of discipline, professionalism, the sense of general interest, and the quality of service rendered to the beneficiaries of accreditation, and in terms of values of conviviality, solidarity and team spirit, by mobilising personnel around these values,  providing them with a decent working environment, and allowing them to develop their capacity for initiative, undergo training and receive recognition relevant to their responsibilities, merits and commitments as employees in the divisions and other departments of Cofrac.

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