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In any sector of activity, the quality of a production or service is often guaranteed by measurements. Calibration of the equipment used is then vital for ensuring the reliability of these measurements.

 Accredited calibration ensures traceability with regard to the International System of Units and inspires confidence in the results obtained.

  • Calibration

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17025

    Inaccurate measurement results can have serious consequences on manufacturing processes and generate additional costs for businesses. The reliability of the measurements carried out is therefore essential, and this involves the calibration of the equipment used.

    Carried out by a competent and impartial body, accredited calibration guarantees that the calibrated equipment delivers measurements that are reliable and traceable in the International System of Units.

    Thanks to multilateral arrangements, the calibration certificate issued is recognised in many countries around the world, which facilitates trade.

    Getting recognition for your technical competence in equipment calibration is a means of capturing new markets, since many organisational standards used by businesses require the traceability of measurements according to the International System of Units.

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