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Issuing Cofrac accreditations

At Cofrac, issuing accreditations is the historic core of our service offer. We support our customers in this demanding process, whether for an initial application, an extension request or an accreditation renewal.

Cofrac is at the service of already-accredited bodies or candidates for accreditation, who propose certification, verification, inspection, testing, calibration, analysis or examination services. The assessments carried out by our teams of assessors are conducted in accordance with the international standards in force. Objective: to offer solid guarantees to our customers, the customers of our customers and to private and public specifiers, to earn their trust day after day!

Cofrac accreditations: initial application

From compiling the application through to notification of the decision from Cofrac, the accreditation process takes several months for an initial application, once the body is ready to be assessed. For an initial application, accreditation is granted for a maximum of 4 years. Note also that accreditation is always granted for a specific "scope", in other words for a given accreditation perimeter. The same body can therefore obtain several Cofrac accreditations at the same time, sometimes for very different activities.

Renewing already-issued Cofrac accreditations

Most conformity assessment bodies that are already Cofrac customers renew their accreditation either for regulatory reasons or for strategic reasons: to retain their markets, develop their exports or capture new customers, for example. Renewal is pronounced for a period of 5 years.

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