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Water, nature and biodiversity

With water quality continually deteriorating, biodiversity collapsing and pressures on the environment increasing due to economic development, it is more essential than ever for society to reconcile growth with sustainable development.

Accreditation can be used to address this challenge, by allowing the public authorities and decision-makers to draw on reliable inspections and data to check whether targets set by environmental policy are being attained.

  • Certification of management systems

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17021-1

    Certain management systems aim to reduce and manage the impact of human activity on nature and biodiversity. This is the case in particular with environmental management systems.

    Certification of such systems by a third party is a means of getting their conformity with international norms and standards recognised, and in this way certifying that the organisation in place meets precise requirements in terms of respect for the environment.

    Use of accredited certification allows a customer to obtain assurance that the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) whose services it is using is competent and impartial. It is a token of confidence in the quality of the certification delivered.

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  • Certification of products and services

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17065

    In France, in application of the Consumer Code, only bodies benefiting from accreditation can conduct certification for products or services.

    These certifications provide a guarantee that a product, service or process complies with precise criteria. The fact that they are covered by accreditation reinforces the market's confidence in its conformity.

    These accredited certifications are used in particular for promoting modes of agricultural production that are more environmentally friendly or for limiting the use of pesticides. They also contribute to promoting sustainable management of natural resources.

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  • Tests

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17025

    Knowing the state of the environment is essential for taking the measures necessary to protect it. With this in mind, many parameters are monitored: nitrate or pesticide concentrations in water, presence of heavy metals, populations of living organisms in waterways, etc.

    Many analyses are carried out as part of this monitoring. Many of these analyses are accredited, enabling these results to be used as reliable data for implementing environmental policies.

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  • Inspection

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17020

    The use of accredited inspections is extremely widespread for the inspection of installations whose correct operation is essential for preserving the environment, as is the case, for example, with the sanitation networks for collecting and transporting waste water. Such inspections reinforce confidence in the reliability of the checks carried out, since they are conducted by impartial and competent bodies.

    Accredited inspections are also used in the surveillance of crop health and combating crop pests.

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