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Legal metrology

The bodies that inspect, on behalf of the State, instruments for measuring weight or time need to have accreditation. The measurement instruments used in legal metrology are checked at regular intervals.

Whether it be speed detection devices, supermarket scales or petrol pumps, accreditation establishes confidence in the fairness of commercial transactions. All you need to know about accreditation in the field of legal metrology.

  • Legal metrology

    NF EN ISO/IEC 17020

    Confidence in the results of the fitness for use of measurement instruments.  The State made accreditation mandatory for inspection bodies carrying out these checks when it decided to transfer some of these inspection activities to the private sector, in order to refocus on its core functions.

    Accreditation is now a prerequisite to maintaining approval or designation as a legal metrology inspection body. It provides assurance to consumers and citizens that the measurement instruments used in the areas subject to regulation have been correctly verified by competent entities.

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