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In what cases may I object to an assessor ?

As an accredited body or candidate for accreditation, you have the possibility to object to one or more members of the assessment team (assessors, experts) or those mandated by Cofrac to accompany the team (supervisors, possible observers).

In preparation for an assessment, Cofrac provides you with information about the team that will be coming to assess you: name, associated body, scope of action of the proposed assessors and experts, and of any observers or supervisors accompanying them.

If you judge, for example, that there may be a conflict of interest, or that the technical competence of the assessor is not suitable, you may object to all or some of the persons proposed by providing Cofrac in writing with the corresponding reasons and evidence.

Cofrac will study this objection request which, if deemed admissible, will give rise to a new assessment team proposal.

If the request is deemed inadmissible, Cofrac will send you an argued response, which you have the possibility to contest. The objection will be examined, as appropriate, by the Chair of the Division Committee and two other members of the Committee.

The general rules concerning objections to assessors are defined in document  GEN PROC 09.

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