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Signature of a partnership agreement between the Ministry of Work and Cofrac for accreditation of vocational training providers’ certifiers


Mrs Carine Chevrier, Chief Executive Officer of Employment Policies and Vocational Training, and Mr Dominique Gombert, General Director of Cofrac, signed the 13 March 2019 a partnership agreement as part of the development of certification bodies’ accreditation in the field of vocational training.

This agreement specifies modes of collaboration between the two parts during the development phase and deals with the monitoring of the accreditation’s program after its opening.

"Certifying to strengthen and highlight a quality training offer “. To meet the requirement in terms of quality in training offer, the law No 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 on freedom of choosing its own vocational future establishes, from the 1st of January 2021, a certification of the service providers in vocational training, when trainings they proposed are financed from public and mutual funds.

This certification granted by certification bodies, accredited by Cofrac according to a single national reference document, must demonstrate that certified training service providers develop and spread services in accordance with the level the document expects.

Cofrac is ready to receive applications from certification bodies once the national reference document and both certification and accreditation procedures are published.

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