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What is accreditation ?

Issued in France by Cofrac, accreditation is both the cornerstone and the first link in the chain of confidence.

When undergoing health checks, or when we consume a product or a service, we want to be sure of the competence of the bodies responsible for inspection. A Cofrac accreditation recognises and certifies the competences and impartiality of the inspection bodies, nationally and even internationally.

In France, Cofrac is the only national body designated and recognised by the State for issuing accreditations. This activity is therefore a matter of public authority. Each accreditation has a specific scope, i.e.: a clearly-defined perimeter according to the sector and/or normative environment of the candidate body. In contrast to certifications or approvals, accreditation is comparable to an audit process, which takes place as a second level of inspection. Accreditation is therefore right at the top of the confidence pyramid. 


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