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What changes do I need to notify to Cofrac ?

Are you accredited by Cofrac ? The agreement that you signed with Cofrac requires you to notify certain changes made to your certification assessment body. Details about the main situations encountered.

Organisational, administrative or legal changes

Administrative data changes, activity in new countries, or acquisition of a subsidiary, for example: you must inform your file manager as soon as possible of any change to the information provided to Cofrac at the time of your initial accreditation request, and of any major changes within your organisation, mainly if they concern your means of assessment.

Situations of non-conformity with accreditation requirements

Your file manager must also be informed if any situation is discovered that means you can no longer satisfy the accreditation requirements sustainably. For example, in the event of the unavailability of the necessary material resources for performing your activity, or the uncovered absence of personnel.

If the situation does not satisfy the accreditation requirements, you are not authorised to refer to your accreditation when publishing the results of activities (within your accreditation scope).

In the various cases, the change must be notified to Cofrac in writing, in a letter addressed to your file manager, as soon as you become aware of the change, and stating the effective date of the notified change. For administrative or legal changes, the letter must be accompanied by official supporting documentation.

The information provided by the accredited body enables Cofrac to confirm the accreditation status and define how to assess the reported situation.

The general rules concerning situations to be notified to Cofrac are defined in document  GEN PROC 20

These changes within your organisation may lead to the withdrawal, suspension or termination of accreditation. Document GEN PROC 03 specifies the rules applicable for these particular cases, notably the rules relating to any reference to accreditation.

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