Accreditation's gate in France

Accreditation process

Accreditation process:

  • Formalisation of the application
  • Examination of the admissibility of the dossier
  • Establishment of an agreement between Cofrac and the applicant
  • Definition of the assessment programme
  • Constitution of a suitable team of assessors
  • Assessment
The steering and conduct of assessments are led by Cofrac-qualified experts who are proficient in all aspects of the professions assessed. They use an approved methodology which combines rigour and flexibility:
- Rigour in the procedures selected, the methods and modes of assessment, the inspection systems;
- Flexibility within a pragmatic approach, taking account of the particularities of each body applying for accreditation.
  • Examination of the assessment report in an ad hoc commission
  • Formulation of a finding subject to decision
Decisions recognised and accepted. Cofrac plays the role of a scrupulous referee in order to make sure that the codes of practice are respected. For instance, the rule stipulating that advice and certification activities must be clearly distinct, or the rule stating that the signatory of the test report must be free of any commercial pressure.
  • Notification of the decision by Cofrac's Director
  • Issue of a certificate specifying the field and the duration of the accreditation

Please note that the primary accreditation is normally valid for 4 years. During this period of time, every accredited body is assessed on a regular basis (on average once a year) during surveillance assessments. At the end of this cycle, the accredited body is fully reassessed and, if successful, the validity of accreditation is renewed for a new cycle of 5 years maximum.