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Published on 23/02/17

World Accreditation Day 2017 - Accreditation: Delivering confidence in construction and the built environment

9 June 2017 marks World Accreditation Day. This year’s theme focuses on delivering confidence in construction and the built environment.

Download the ILAC and IAF brochure.


Published on 26/01/17

Cofrac launches a survey on perceived quality

Cofrac launched a quality survey toward its clients to get their perception regarding the quality of its accreditation services, enabling us to identify ways of improvement. Three main topics are concerned: perceived quality for every stage of the accreditation service, assessment of the benefits of accreditation and development paths.

This survey is carried out by an independent service provider and based on anonymous data. Every three months, bodies having had an evaluation leading to a notification during that period will be consulted.

This kind of survey is a first at Cofrac’s and your opinion is paramount! We count on you!

Published on 02/10/16

Cofrac's new corporate video on YouTube - An overview of accreditation

Watch Cofrac's new corporate video here.